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Check out how products will look in your home before you buy.

Seeing is believing, right?

Use our shop by room pages to get a visual of how each product will look in your home before you buy it.

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We offer pre-sales support, installation, and device set up to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions ASK US

How Does the Shop By Room Section Work?

This section gives you a visual idea of how the products you browse would look in a real-life setting. You can choose
from three different room images and dozens of products to create a room you love.

How Do I Add Products to My Room?

Find products you can add to your room below the room image. To see a product displayed in your room, simply click on the product. Once selected, the products you pick will be automatically added to your room, while others you no longer need will be automatically removed.

How Do I See Product Details?

Click on the product info area to see product details. Clicking this area will bring you to the complete product description page.

How Do I Swap Room Layouts?

We provide various room layouts to choose from that you can work with the one that most closely resembles your home. To change room layouts click on the room type you would like. You have the options of choosing starter, enhanced, or premium layout.

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